One year on

Rhonda is the Business Centre Manager at Jennings, who rent out many offices and industrial units of various sizes from their site in Chalgrove, Oxfordshire. A year after Rhonda had two shepherd's huts delivered, we got in touch to see how things were going. 

A year earlier, Paul the Managing Director of Jennings had contacted us and said he was looking for a space to rent to individuals with their own businesses, who needed a smaller space that may not otherwise be available. He thought a shepherd’s hut would be ideal. We were very happy to put together a proposal. 

After discussing our initial thoughts, Paul decided to proceed. Rhonda helped us to understand all of their requirements and bought some colleagues over to our workshop. We were very impressed with how Jennings got everyone involved in the creative process.

Shepherds hut used as hair salon Oxfordshire

In the meantime, Jennings had been approached by a potential tenant. Hairdresser Diane Beddon, was looking for somewhere to set up a salon. She absolutely loved the idea of a quirky space. Diane’s early enquiry was very helpful as she was able to choose the professional hair dressing sink that was best suited to her needs. Diane already had a large clientele which has grown since she took up residence, and her salon is now called ‘The Hut’! 

The second hut is now used by Lottie who runs her own business called Mindset Metaphors, that does all sorts of interesting things from motivational talks to fire walking!  Although Lottie also does a lot of work from home, she uses the hut as a bolt hole and place to chill and meditate.  

After the huts were delivered, Jennings had the wonderful idea of holding an open day.  They invited staff, tenants and the children from a local school. There were maypoles, games and barbecues, which all created much merriment! 

Shepherds hut used as hair salon Oxfordshire

The children from the school had previously been set the task of coming up with names for the huts, which was a fabulous idea and great fun for them.  Part of the day was to announce the names.  The names they decided upon could not be any more different! One hut is called ‘Prince Rupert-Colonel Hampden’. This is named after the two protagonists who were involved in a local skirmish on 18th June 1643, during the English civil war, and is known as “The Battle of Chalgrove fields”.  

The other hut is called ‘Swift’. We didn’t get an explanation as to why the children had chosen this, but it’s great anyway! Well we did say they were very different names! 

After a year’s service at Chalgrove, the huts are an established part of the site and have become a great feature and source of delight, especially for visitors to the businesses they are home to.