Waiting for summer

journal 2.jpg

I think you will agree that this shepherds hut looks stunning in the snow, and although it’s still a lovely warm refuge in the winter, it will come into its own when the summer arrives. 

Ruth asked us to design and build a special shepherd’s hut for her, she wanted a changing room to use when swimming in her new specially designed pond. Located on the edge of the stunning Cotswolds, Ruth’s pond was created specially to offer a wild water swimming experience in the garden, and it looks fantastic. 

The green painted metal cladding helps this beautiful hut blend into its natural surroundings, which was very important to Ruth. It’s amazing how both the pond and the shepherd’s hut look as if they have been there for years. 

The shepherds hut is now patiently waiting for the warmer weather to come, and so is Ruth. What could be better than a short walk across the garden to the changing room and a lovely dip into the pond, and then drying off in the sun with a lovely glass of iced lemonade (or maybe something stronger!) 

Just looking at this photo with all the snow it seems hard to imagine, but soon this will be a picture of summer fun and relaxation.