Daily Mail features Red Sky Shepherd's Huts

Red Sky takes feature lead in the full page Daily Mail article

Red Sky takes feature lead in the full page Daily Mail article

Red Sky Shepherd's Huts were thrilled this month to feature prominently in Frances Childs' full page feature on shepherds huts in the Daily Mail.  The writer explains in detail how these lovely homes on wheels can provide all the benefits of a full house extension without the expense and hassle of actual building work.

Instead of plasterers, diggers and projects that go way over budget, all you need do is pop a hut in the garden. And not just any old hut, but proper ones built to a blueprint used by wandering shepherds since Tudor Times.

Her article goes on to feature two Red Sky customers, using their lovely Red Sky Shepherd's Huts for very different purposes.  Hugh and Cathy Roberts, who bought their ex-show hut from Red Sky for just £11,500, now use it as a home office for Hugh.  He jokes that he swapped a daily 60 mile commute into London for a 60 second walk down the garden to his office.  And Paul Smail, who is earning so much from the 'glamping' hut on his farm in Devon that he has ordered another one from Red Sky Shepherd's Huts - complete with shower, loo, kitchenette, wood burning stove and double bed.  

Since starting the company last year, Paul Bennett and his son Adam have been flooded with enquiries and orders for their charming and brilliantly built huts.  They say:

We can’t build enough huts. People love the craftsmanship and sense of history that come with them.

So, for anyone considering joining the queue for one of these delightful and affordable home extensions, go and see Paul and Adam soon at Millets Farm in Oxfordshire or call Paul on 07870 223114.