Top ten treats with a shepherd's hut stove

Most Red Sky shepherd's huts are fitted with a log burning stove.  Before the weather gets too Spring like and we reluctantly have to let ours cool down, we thought we'd share our top ten favourite treats to be had with these delightful hut essentials:

1) Sausage roll warmer upper

Place large sausage roll (or pasty - be adventurous) on a metal plate and put on top of your hot log burner.  Leave for a few minutes or until the aroma of warm sausage and pastry drives you mad with desire.  Wear oven gloves/be careful not to burn yourself in your rush to remove the hot sausage roll and eat at once.

2) Constant tea maker

Get yourself a cast iron, non electric kettle and keep it filled with water and on top of the stove.  Keep topping up a separate tea pot with fresh tea leaves and boiling water for a constant supply of lovely tea and without using any electricity. Very British, very marvellous.

3) Sock warmer

Upon returning from a cold walk outside, remove boots etc outside and place socks briefly on top of log burner.  Keep an eye on them - you don't want then singed - and remove when you can feel them just getting warm.  Put them back on to cold feet and feel a delicious rush of toasty toes bliss.

4) Aroma - huttery

Put some water in a suitable, heat resistant bowl and place it, on a metal trivet, on top of the warm stove.  Put a few drops of your favourite essential oil into the bowl of water and sit back.  Wait for the gorgeous aroma of the oil to fill the hut and breathe in.  Lovely.

5) Flame gazing

Forget the telly and the laptop.  Instead, stoke up the log burner, position yourself comfortably nearby and gaze into the flames.  This is especially good at night time and with all the lights off.  It is calming and meditative.  Be careful not to nod off before lying down.

6) Breakfast fry up

Similar to sausage warming (see above) but more hardcore and requiring more skill.  Get the log burner nice and hot and place a suitable frying pan (cast iron is best) on top.  Wait until the pan is really hot (a drip of water into the pan should immediately steam up) and add some oil or butter before adding bacon, sausages, eggs or whatever else you fancy into the pan.  Fry.  Call mum or other culinary advisor if you get stuck.  Leave the dirty pan outside to cool down before washing it. Enjoy.

7) Dog drying

If accompanied by a wet furry friend in your shepherds hut, dry him or her off outside first with a towel (those microfibre ones work well and don't take up too much space) before inviting your pooch inside to lie on a rug in front of the fire. Continue to towel dry until you are both fluffed up and dry.  Follow with aroma - huttery (see 4 above) if the smell of drying dog doesn't do it for you.

8) Twizzle stick making

Especially good for getting the kids busy, this involves using up old newspapers by turning them into kindling.  Start with a whole page lying flat on the floor (the page, not you).  Wet your thumb and index finger and roll a corner of the page as tightly as possible between them.  When the paper has rolled up and has started to look twig-like, continue to roll it along the floor until it is a complete single stick.  Twist this up into a twizzle stick.  Use it to light your log burner.

9) Toast

This is very easy.  Slice bread (stale is best) and place it on top of your very hot log burner.  Turn it over when you smell toast and do both sides.  Be careful not to burn yourself when removing the toast from the top of the stove.  Butter well. Eat.

10) Tea lights

When it is really just too hot to light your log burner but you still cannot bear to be without it clean it out, shine up the glass door and place some lit tea lights inside.  You will still get the cosy twinkle of the candlelight without the heat of the fire.

Red Sky Shepherd's Huts can fit most types of log burners into our huts but we particularly love the Hobbit from Salamander Stoves.  It is a fine quality DEFRA approved, multi fuel stove and is perfect for small spaces.  It can also be supplied in a range of colours to complement the beautiful interior colour scheme of a Red Sky Shepherd's Hut.  

See for more details of the Hobbit and click here to see one in our huts.